Generates sandboxes for C/C++ libraries automatically
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Copyright 2019-2022 Google LLC

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What is Sandboxed API?

The Sandboxed API project (SAPI) makes sandboxing of C/C++ libraries less burdensome: after initial setup of security policies and generation of library interfaces, a stub API is generated, transparently forwarding calls using a custom RPC layer to the real library running inside a sandboxed environment.

Additionally, each SAPI library utilizes a tightly defined security policy, in contrast to the typical sandboxed project, where security policies must cover the total syscall/resource footprint of all its libraries.


Developer documentation is available on the Google Developers site for Sandboxed API.

There is also a Getting Started guide.

Getting Involved

If you want to contribute, please read and send us pull requests. You can also report bugs or file feature requests.

If you'd like to talk to the developers or get notified about major product updates, you may want to subscribe to our mailing list or sign up with this link.