Zint Barcode Generator

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Command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and other video sites

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📊 Cross-platform user-friendly xlsx library for C++11+

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WireGuard Ops

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视频硬字幕提取,生成srt文件。无需申请第三方API,本地实现文本识别。基于深度学习的视频字幕提取框架,包含字幕区域检测、字幕内容提取。A GUI tool for extracting hard-coded subtitle (hardsub) from videos and generating srt files.

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Union of Web APIs

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cnpm / tpm
Lua 0 0

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The future of online communications.

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Terraria tModLoader mod unpacker

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C++ language framework rpc source code implementation

Updated 6 days ago

Tars IDL 定义文件转换工具

Updated 1 year ago