Tracks changes of the lua prototype definitions in factorio inbetween releases.
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Factorio Data

Tracks changes of the Lua prototype definitions in factorio in between releases.

This repo has been made publicly available to help mod authors. Its purpose is to allow the public to track changes to the Factorio Lua prototype definitions.

See for past versions. Compare versions using git on the command line, or by using magic github comparison urls, eg:

Some Potential Use Cases of Data

  • Online references, cheat sheets, and calculators.
  • It can be used to automate mod updates when new versions are released.
  • You may link directly to specific library code and entity definitions when discussing such matters on the forums, GitHub issues for mods, Discord etc.
  • Browse diffs between the versions, seeing the implementation of prototype changes we mention in the changelog.

This repo debuted in FFF-240.